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About Katy Jon Went

Katy Jon Went speaking at True Stories Live
Katy speaking at True Stories Live

I am a writer, commentator, educator, keynote and conference speaker, and activist, on social justice, equality, diversity & inclusion (JEDI or DEI), intersectionality, politics & culture, language, literature, theatre & the arts, history & social sciences, religion & philosophy, LGBTIQ+, sex and gender, mental health and wellbeing, human rights, DASV, photography, and many more things besides, ie I’m a multipotentialite who has studied and worked in many fields and sees the bigger picture, I hope, and the intersectionality of ideas and causes. I also believe in the free and fair speech to discuss them without taking offence or rising to any ad hominem baits.

Katy Jon Went on top of Sears building, Chicago, USA 2018
Katy Jon Went on top of Sears building, Chicago, USA 2018

I very much believe in all the smarts – IQ, EQ, SQ and a dozen more, and believe in life-long learning. I love to teach what I know but more importantly to share how to discover it for yourself. I’m a part of Pick My Brain and have a profile there if you are thinking, I really want to “pick your brain” about pretty much anything!

Katy Jon Went on a podcast interview 2021
Katy Jon Went on a podcast interview

I’ve been the subject of BBC, Channel 4 and independent documentaries, regular TV & radio interviews from ITV to GB News, Radio 4 to Bush Radio in Capetown (Africa’s oldest community radio station) and have been on many podcasts to talk about mental health – especially bipolar and anxiety, insomnia, gender, sexuality, conversation and communication, cancel culture v woke wars, and the human mind and capacity for knowledge, understanding and self-growth. 

I speak at workplaces, schools, universities, TEDx, numerous panels, and festivals like the Hostry Festival, N&NFest, Women of the World (WOW), WHEN, Act for Change Together, Academy of Ideas BattleFest, Wilderness, and Prides, TechBBQ in Denmark, and keynotes from Zoom to New York.

Katy at Human Library HQ in Copenhagen by Elin Hansen
At the Human Library “Reading Garden” in Copenhagen (photo by Elin Hansen)

I’m the UK Coordinator & Head of Methodology at the Human Library, and part of the global online event delivery team. I head up best practice and develop safe spaces for risk and engagement without offence taking, bringing my DEI training expertise and personal willingness to talk to anyone into the Human Library experience arena. I sit on the Norfolk Equality & Human Rights Council, as well as advising on ITV’s diversity panel and others.

A Respectful Conversation About Gender, NAC, 3 Feb 2019
A Respectful Conversation About Gender, NAC, 2019

I chair the Respectful Conversation “toxic and taboo topics” panel series at Norwich Arts Centre – where I’m also a board member and diversity sub-committee member.

Also in the arts, I co-organise the plein air art event Paint Out since 2014 – and managing artists is like herding cats!

I previously ran a small tech company and used to program – everything from web design to at 18yo programming a model of the economy and a historical warfare game. My skills are now more people-based despite an ongoing fascination with AI, vehicle tech and usage of gadgets and technology, many of which aid my disability and anxiety. 

I founded GenderAgenda, ran support groups, and consult on the Fifty Shades of Gender project and podcast hosted by Esther Lemmens. I was a committee member of Norwich Pride and LGBT History Month for several years.

Be Different, Be Yourself - Katy Jon Went, TEDx talk UEA, 2018
Be Different, Be Yourself – Katy Jon Went, TEDx UEA

I am passionate about learning, change and humanity’s potential. I am somewhere between a realist and an optimist, whilst I warn about negative outcomes, I like to believe we will avoid them. I love reading about dystopias in order to imagine a better utopia, so long as it is a varied and diverse one, and not a dull uniform one. I was inspired by 60s-70s Sci-Fi to believe in a future where interracial kisses, genderless worlds, and alien bars were the norm. In other words, I’m a TV & movie addict from Star Trek to Star Wars, Mandalorian to Marvel & DC nerd. Though, why does it always rain and the sun never come out in Gotham?

Katy Jon Went, NHS magazine photoshoot, 2015
I am cat mad!

Many people feel a need to keep their professional and personal, public and private, separate. I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind in the name of transparency and authenticity, and the pointlessness of privacy options when Google can find anything these days except my car keys and glasses. (Edit: with Smart tags it can find them too now!)

Katy Jon Went speaking at pro-EU anti-Brexit rally in Norwich
Katy Jon Went speaking at pro-EU anti-Brexit rally in Norwich

As a result, I’m very visible around mental health, gender or sexuality, and my political views (I’ve voted for 4 different parties and sat down to talk with the MPs & leaders of several), but more than that I endeavour to listen to varied points of view. I read (dip or devour depending on my schedule) 3-5 newspapers and multiple online media daily, across the political spectrum to ensure I’m not in some kind of echo chamber of only my preferred beliefs. I like to discover people’s whys as well as their whats. I’m as interested in “where did that come from?” or “to what end?” and how something is said, as in what is said itself.

My Name, Gender, Pronouns, Identity

Katy Went Transgender Voices NHS NSFT photoshoot
Katy Went “Transgender Voices” NHS NSFT

I am non-binary transgender (but hold all these labels loosely preferring person or human) with a medical history of atypical physical gender, height and puberty development (due to a hormone deficiency). You may find me on the Internet as my former name Jonathan Went (e.g. articles and papers online from the 1990s), under which I used to write and teach. I prefer simply Katy or Katy Jon when interviewed, but can also be found under bylines as Katy-Jon, Katy Jon Went, KatyJon or just KJ.

Katy Jon Went
On a TS Eliot panel with Melvyn Bragg

As to pronouns, I’m fine with ‘she’ when offered courteously though do not expect or demand it. I feel technically more aligned with non-binary ‘they’; I’m not keen on ‘he’ and for obvious reasons dislike ‘HE’ or ‘it’ though I tolerate them if the rest of the conversation is respectful and to avoid explaining myself a dozen times a day, as my gender does send out mixed messages in our stereotyped binary world. The use of ‘he/HE’ says as much about the person using it as it does about me. My name, pronouns and gender, are less important to me than being respected as a human being of value, first and foremost, even though the courtesy of respecting self-identification is a part of that. I prefer trans person or transgender without the addition of woman unless offered as an inclusive olive branch of sisterhood among consenting women. If you hate pronouns just use my name. 

My sexuality continues to evolve but seems to have arrived at asexual with a splash of pansensual and polyflirty. I somewhat tongue-in-cheek say that I have been or am each and every letter of LGBTIQAP

Katy Jon Went calling card - topics of interest
       Katy Jon Went’s topics of interest calling card

If you want to know more then read my potted Bio (sounds like something that should go in the greenhouse!).

Also check out my: TalksQuotes, Writing, Media and Comedy pages, and introductory post on here about trying to bring everything together in one place.

In addition, feel free to follow or send me a friend request on the various social media channels below or book a free call on Pick My Brain to get to know me.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,
    I’m an Aussie straight bloke (only because it’s important ) and I have just finished watching the red pill panel(s) for like the 2nd time now. I just wanted to say how captivating you are. You are very open, your positions are layed out for all to see, you are very transparent and it is absolutely refreshing to see. You can also see your level of compassion.
    Like most straight guys I do struggle with this brave new world of gender identity and I am evolving as I am brave enough to put my opinions forward and reflect with any criticism of my opinions. Sometimes I change my opinions, sometimes I strengthen them.
    I am a very caring person and don’t feel hatred towards people unless they earn it personally of course so I tend to feel bad about getting it wrong.
    Can you help to straighten this straight guy out?
    Here is my current opinion/theory without any historical research-
    As humans we needed to catogorise everything and incorporate it into our language so I imagine sex came before gender. Biological males have a penis, biological females have a vagina, and of course nature can sometimes go both ways in minor cases.
    And I imagine gender flowed off sex as an expression of identification of sex. Ie: instead of saying ‘you are a human with a penis’ it would be much easier and more civil to say you are male. The pronouns are then used because saying ‘the male did it’ can be improved to ‘he did it’. It just seems that language is evolving as is most things. We now use crazy things like lol, rofl, brb ect ect to make language more efficient, faster ect as the world just moves faster and faster.
    Now from here you also have class and titles due to marriage and education which is where you get sir, maam, mr, dr, ms, mrs, miss and for the most part helped to get a quick snapshot of life position. Ie: don’t ask this woman on a date, she just said her name is mrs Jones, pretty sure I don’t want to be involved with a married woman, it might cause issues .
    Now coming back to where this relates to trans people. I totally believe that we are all different and that there is a huge scale of character traits and identity. Some men are very masculine and on the other end of the scale there are men who are quite feminine in nature. I accept everyone as they are and quite enjoy diversity however I am continually confused by the want or need of some trans and honestly more regularly from political leftists that want to alter definitions. If I am of course seeing this correctly. I might be wrong (historically) but I imagine at some point the word gender had a definition change.
    If a biological male has feminine thoughts, feelings and mental traits and gender originated from sex, why would you want to be referred as ‘she, her’ ect. To me language, culture, social concepts are confusing enough. Wouldn’t it be easier to look down and go ‘yep, there’s a penis, call me he, mr ect’. I might act differently but I’m completely ok with that and so should everyone else. I mean I’m different in that I’m a blokey bloke that goes 4x4ing, camping, shooting. But on the flip side I was in musical theatre, love karaoke and love having guy and ‘girl talks’. Masculine and sensitive. Should I ask for my own pronouns? I don’t think there is a need and are they truly that offensive? I don’t want to upset anyone but I feel that the trans and most of the feminist movement are putting down land mines and we are going to have innocent casualties and probably will backfire also. Ie: how easy it was for Lauren southern to change her gender. Male rapists saying they identify as women to go to women prisons so they can reoffend. Might sound extreme, but it is just that, extreme. How do we police it and how can we understand and apply it without a solid simple framework that everyone can understand.

    Once again, just thought you were amazing and truly value your opinion on this as you are quite candid and open and conduct yourself with great integrity.
    Thank you

  2. Dear Katy Jon,

    I’m getting in touch to see if you would be available and interested in speaking as a witness in the Women’s Equality Party citizen’s assembly on whether we should change any of our policies in light of the debate around the GRA.

    Do you have an email address I could send more information to, if you are interested?

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Katy,

    I just watched a debate you took part in on GB news with Neil Oliver.

    I just wanted to say how beautifully and calmy you spoke.

    It’s such a shame that they didn’t put aside more time for this segment and had to cut you short.

    I feared where the piece would go on the outset. Much of the Internet seems to either be outright abusive of trans people. Or to claim utter insanity on behalf of trans people.

    And so much meaningful debate seems to never happen because people get hung up on using the correct language.

    As CIS (though I consider myself human first and foremost), I fear to say things to offend a group of humanity that I admire and respect. Because the language alone can cause such offence. I guess that’s on me to learn more on the topic.

    So for me it is encouraging to hear people talk so freely without descending into arguments.

    The point you appeared to be making, before being cut short, is that we are speaking about a small subset of a minority population. And that on this basis we should have sufficient resources to manage on a case by case basis. Have I understood this correctly?

    If so, I think this is a powerful argument and a great tonic against alarmist headlines.

    I’d love to listen to more of your views. So I’m bookmarking your website.


  4. One thing you seem to have that so many of us lack is an open heart. What a wonderful fortune. What a wonderful being.
    Best wishes and lots of Love.

  5. You’re a fine example of what we get when you combine Social Justice activism with actual information and introspective reflection, rather than just reactionary feelings or whimsey.

    I find it absurd though that you’re considered part of the ‘trans community’ when your journey is so different (and actually grounded in reasonable circumstances) compared to many others.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

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