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I am a writer, commentator, educator, speaker and activist on equality, diversity & intersectionality, news & politics, arts, language, literature, theatre & culture, history & science, religion & philosophy, LGBTIQ+, gender, mental health, human rights, photography, and many more things besides. I am passionate about learning, change and humanity’s potential. I am somewhere between a realist and optimist, whilst I warn about negative outcomes, I like to believe we will avoid them. I love reading about dystopias in order to imagine a better utopia, so long as it is a varied and diverse one, and not a dull uniform one.Purple planet

This is an attempt to create a porphyrophile purple “Katy world” portal, i.e., a way of drawing together the multiple passions and projects – personal or professional, and the political and public  activism that I am involved in.

Many people feel a need to keep their professional and personal, public and private, separate. I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind in the name of transparency and authenticity, and the pointlessness of privacy options when Google can find anything these days except my car keys and glasses.

My Name, Gender, Pronouns, Identity

Katy's world - business cardWell “my skeletons are firmly out of the closet!” I am non-binary transgender with a medical history of atypical physical gender and puberty development (probably MAIS/PAIS due to inadequate hormone receptors, some would label this intersex, which I am ok with) and you may find me on the Internet as my former name Jonathan Went (there are articles and papers online from the 1990s under my former name), under which I used to write and teach. I prefer simply Katy but can also be found under bylines as Katy-Jon, Katy Jon Went, KatyJon or just KJ.

As to pronouns, I prefer ‘she’, equally love non-binary ‘they’, but am not keen on ‘he’, though I tolerate it to avoid explaining myself a dozen times a day, as my indefinable gender does send out  mixed messages in our stereotyped binary world. My name, pronouns and gender, are less important to me than being respected as a human being of value, first and foremost, even though the courtesy of respecting self-identification is a part of that.

My sexuality is not really a relevant or appropriate question, though I’m not averse to answering the question. I have been or am each and every letter of LGBTIQAP, you can you use your imagination to work out how or when, or discuss with me privately or face-to-face.

Katy's world - business cardIf you want to know more then read my potted Bio (sounds like something that should go in the greenhouse!).

Also check out my: TalksQuotes, Writing, Film and Comedy pages, and introductory post on here about trying to bring everything together in one place. In addition, feel free to follow or send me a friend request on the various social media channels below.

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